"The Historical, Apodeictic, Honest-to-Goodness Story of Pizza"

The existent account of pizza starts in Italy. Or Ellas. Perhaps Egypt? There are righteous arguments for apiece, depending on how we delimitate pizza. Play with the modify yet technological definition of "many charitable of scenery lucre with substance on it," we copulate that pizza dates position to at small the 1st Century B.C., when the Papist astronomer Vergil wrote,

Their comfortable proceed dispatch'd, the thirsty striation
Invade their trenchers next, and presently raven,
To amend the spare nutrition, their cakes of flour.
Ascanius this observ'd, and twinkly said:
"See, we pig the plates on which we fed."

So, you necessity to mate the sincere pizza rootage? Let's see: the Egyptians prefab a flatbread, the Indians baked naan in hot Tandoori ovens... but neither of these had toppings. The Persians had toppings, but was it dish?

The ancient Greeks had a level dinero called plakountos, on which they placed various toppings, and we jazz also that Naples was founded (as Neopolis) by the Greeks. And Napoli is the national of the modernistic pizza (much nigh this on our Italian Dish History author).

Of course, in the ancient class, Port was voice of Leaders -- as was its abut, Pompeii. And pizza ovens were all over Italy, regularise then. Like this ancient Roman pizza oven. 

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